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1. "I don't get any sound in my recordings."


Here are a couple things to ensure are set right.


A. Make sure your connections are correct - headphone jack on the cassette player to your computer's "Line In" audio jack. (blue)


B. Make sure you have the correct audio device and "Line In" selected (on the left) on the first step.


C. Make sure your volume is turned up on your cassette player as well as in the program.


D. Also, try plugging in the audio cable before starting up the software.



2. "My recordings have low quality and don't sound good."


This happens if you have a low-quality sound card. (It is not the software)


First, make sure you're using the "Line In" jack on your sound card, not the "Microphone" jack.


If you don't have a "Line In" jack, or are already using it, this USB audio adapter should fix your problem. It has a high-quality "Line In" port also which will lead to good audio recordings.


3. "I need the tutorial, or I'm not sure how to use the software."

Here is a link to the step-by-step tutorial on how to use the VHS2DVD Wizard software:



4. "I don't have a cassette tape player to use to transfer. Where can I get one?"

You can get a cassette tape player for just $10-$20 on eBay.


Click here to go to the correct eBay category.



For all other issues and inquiries, please open a ticket at the Cassette2CD Wizard support desk at:


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