Audio Cassettes - Nostalgia Keeps Them Alive


Any youngster born in the late '70s or early '80s could tell you what the first audio cassette he ever bought was. Children born more recently could tell similar stories, but they would be about CDs, MP3s, or other technology. Those of us who remember music before the invention of the CD are a dying breed.


Audio cassettes were a door to a new world of music. These allowed us to take our music from our homes, to our cars and even on walks. This was the beginning of a music revolution. We were able to listen to music and not risk the same damages we had discovered with vinyl.


But cassette tapes had their own challenges to ownership. Susceptible to damage, the frail ribbon was prone to tangling or twisting, which often led to a premature demise, and thus a frustrated listener. The natural order of things dictated that audio cassettes withstood more than vinyl LP's, but were soon to be passed over by CDs.


Many of us have wonderful memories of audio cassettes that we used to listen to long ago. Everyone that ever had tapes, always had one or two favorites. Ones they would listen to over and over. Special tapes that they or a friend had made. Tapes that you knew by heart. Audio tapes were a wonderful way to take your favorite music with you and share it with others.


For several years, audio cassettes and CDs managed to coexist. CDs were consistently more expensive, but their higher sound quality and other features made them worth the extra expense. You couldn't skip around easily on an audio cassette the way you could on a CD. You could listen to just one or two songs on an album if you wanted. Eventually, the better function of the CD killed the audio cassette.


Technology always offers us new things, but the audio cassette will always be remembered fondly. The cassette played an important role in the way music technology developed. It lasted and is still used today.


In the eighties and early nineties audio cassettes were the popular audio recording media which was replaced by the CD and MP3. The audio cassette made music truly portable as scratches and breakage were no longer a concern. However, ribbons of cassette tapes are delicate and get twisted resulting in the end of your favorite tape. The memorable experiences with TDK audio cassette include taping a recording of mother's lullabies. CDs offered a superior functionality over cassettes, thus completely displacing the cassette. Although the cassette will never be what it was, those who used it will always hold a special place in their hearts for it.


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